Borrow without personal contribution to buy a business, create or take over a business: the loan guide and professional financing for unemployed

Get a professional loan without contribution, even if it is not simple, it is feasible in France for the creators of company. Professional financing is not subject to the same rules as a personal loan. Whether it’s starting a business as an unemployed person, or making a credit for a business without personal input, there are solutions to get financing, even without input.

Financing without personal contribution

Financing without personal contribution

Whether it is a buyout of a bankrupt company, or the creation of an LLC, the entrepreneur needs capital to carry out his project. If one does not have a personal contribution, it will be necessary to find elsewhere the necessary capital contribution, as well as a loan with a banking institution.

In the absolute, it is possible to create your business without input. Indeed, legally, there are no obligations for the creator on the subject. Remember that for a sole proprietorship, there is no social capital needed, and that for a EURL or a SARL, you can start with 1 euro of capital.

Prudence: opening a business without money is like having a car without gas to put in it; nothing can start. It takes money to face the first investments, whether they are works or the purchase of the stock.

The special case of the PSR auto-entrepreneur

The special case of the PSR auto-entrepreneur

There are many forms of assistance for the unemployed that create businesses, and we will detail them later in this article. What interests us in this case is the status of self-employed.

Remember that this type of activity was set up to limit costs, and allow more people to embark on entrepreneurship. The lack of input is a possibility, even if we always have reservations about a creator who starts without any money to invest in his project.

A contribution 0 can be explained by:

  • An absence of social capital
  • Non-existent formation costs
  • No payroll taxes without CA

An unemployed PSR therefore has the legal possibilities to embark on self-employment. If this status is not suitable for everyone, for reasons that can be understood, there are trades that allow a minimum investment. They are found mainly in services, such as computer consultant or consultant.

Our advice to take back a business without input

Our advice to take back a business without input

Whether it’s a trade-in or a creation, if it’s a business, you’ll have to find some money if you do not have enough money to get started. Even the big ideas and the best wishes have to go through that. Among the solutions, we give you here some tracks, which can unblock a badly embarked situation, if need.

To begin with the association. Creating alone is a mountain of problems to manage, among other things. A partner, in addition to bringing his know-how, his skills and his ideas, will be able to put money in the company, and thus be able to inflate the contribution of the creators, always appreciated by the banks when it comes to finance part of a project.

Then there are business start-up loans, which are not an exceptional amount, but allow to start a small project, even in the absence of input.

The best known remain the PCE, and the loan of honor, which according to the organizations can sometimes exceed 15,000 euros, as the one that is possible to ask Paris Initiative Entreprise, for example. Contact them for more information.

Another specific case: the takeover loan without contribution

Another specific case: the takeover loan without contribution

To buy a business when you do not have a starting capital, you will have to find some money. Indeed, even to take over a company in liquidation for the symbolic sum of one euro, there will be fees to be paid.

Financing research

Before going to get the money where it is, you have to do things in order, and in particular to finalize your business plan. It is the essential tool for any financing request, and the more refined it is, the greater your chances of getting a loan or a grant.

Because it is not only the equity in life: loan, grant, credit, loans… We must push all the doors to have the chance to open at least one, especially if your business idea is good and whether you are a job seeker, compensated or not.

Reminder: what is own funds?

Reminder: what is own funds?

For smart guys, nothing to do with cleanliness. This is his personal contribution, the one we will put in his box, because we believe in his project. This will show other investors, and partners, the will of the creator.

In case of no savings, what happens to young creators or job seekers at the PSR, remains the solution of the family and friends: personal loans can also subscribe within the private circle.

Anyway, even if you have enough money to invest in your company, we advise not to put all your savings in the business, any business is always risky.

Other ways to find equity when you are unemployed

Other ways to find equity when you are unemployed

Being a jobseeker, contrary to popular belief, can find loans and subsidies, such as assets, but also other sources of funding specific to the unemployed.

Make a loan of honor

It is not a subsidy, but a loan for its business, which will allow to bring money in own funds, since it is a personal loan. Often at zero rates, however, it will be necessary to repay it completely, even if the company closes before.

The sale of shares

Some friends, or acquaintances, can invest with you in taking over a business. This is not a personal loan between individuals, but a capital contribution, which will result in an exchange with shares. They will become shareholders in your business, and will be interested in the results.

Similarly, if you do not want to go through family members, there are private equity firms whose job is to invest in projects in return for an equity investment. Participation may be more or less important, depending on the size of the project and the funding required.

Make a personal bank loan

You can take out a loan from your bank, on a special basis. It may be a consumer loan, or a larger loan. This should not hurt your daily life, check your repayment ability before you commit.

Contact Paseo

We are no longer presenting this network that supports small businesses. It is he who grants the PCE, the loan for the creation of a company, an amount between 2000 and 7000 euros.

It will only be paid if the bank agrees to make a bank loan, to finance some initial investments such as the purchase of a company vehicle for example.

For larger projects, Paseo has set up the Melanun loan, a loan ranging from 40,000 euros to 400,000 euros. Same thing, the bank has to make a loan at least the same amount. For both loans, there is a grace period of 6 months.

Who to contact when looking to take over a business?

Who to contact when looking to take over a business?

Business, commerce, recovery, creation, job seeker, PSR: all factors that affect the start of a project. For a search for money, there will be a whole series of interlocutors to convince. Never move to a financial appointment without a detailed project, including a financing plan.

The bank broker

It may be good to go to a broker, especially when looking for a bank loan. Banks are numerous, and convincing them can take time.

The broker will look for the best rate, and do the steps for you. In principle, he is paid on the rate he offers, but fees can also be charged, depending on the service.

The bank

Of course, you can not take over a business and start a business without the precious help of your bank, whether it’s the start loan, the opening of the company account and the overdraft authorized.

Some banks are quite active in the recovery of business, Society General has even set up a special loan buyer. Same thing on the side of the BNP and the Banques Populaires.


They will take care of delivering a loan of honor to the best records, to those who have the best chance of succeeding. A loan of honor will only be granted if the project is viable. It’s in everyone’s interest.

They are grouped under the France Initiative network, also known as the Enterprise Network. For the Paris region, contact Paris Initiative Entreprise.

Good Samaritans

They are also called business angels. Very fashionable during the explosion of the Internet bubble, they have invested all the time in projects of the net economy, with more or less success. A business angel can be interested in any type of project, as long as he sees an opportunity to earn money. Not so angelic then.

How to finance your acquisition of trade or business?

How to finance your acquisition of trade or business?

The financing chosen may also replace a direct capital contribution. We can of course buy the business by paying the money at the time of signing, but that supposes to have it at the time of the recovery, and the sum can be important according to the project.

This makes the transmission as simple as possible, but the money spent on the purchase will not be used to restart or increase the turnover of the company, and this is a significant disadvantage, since it will require find new capital for this. The personal contribution and the bank loan are therefore the two lungs of the project in this case.

The other solution is the creation of a holding company, queen of complex financial arrangements that can overcome the lack of sufficient capital during a recovery. The holding company will buy the shares of the new company, with the help of a bank loan.

Setting up a company without financial means by being a jobseeker or PSR

Setting up a company without financial means by being a jobseeker or PSR

Buying a business when you’re at PSR is difficult without the help of an outside association. CADI has set up loans for the unemployed, and it is even possible to apply for a micro-credit for unemployed people online on the CADI website which will thus verify the real possibilities of success of the professional project.

To apply for a microcredit

The best is still to go on the site of the CADI, or in an agency to meet a consultant. You will get very quickly if you are eligible for this financial boost.

In a second step, the project will be analyzed in detail. But the CADI is not only a funding, it is also an accompaniment, even for projects a little wobbly that requires training of the creator.

How to get this micro credit

The most important thing is to be motivated. Even with an incomplete project, the motivation will always overcome the difficulties. Of course, it is better to have professional experience in the field, but this is not essential.

A good project is mainly measured by a solid market study. The location will be decisive if it is a business, and the projected turnover of the company will have to show over 3 years a steady progression, allowing the company to balance and achieve this famous point 0, the one where one manages to face all his debts.

If CADI’s micro-credit is primarily allocated to an unemployed person, or to someone who receives the PSR, the applicant’s repayment capacity will also be taken into account.

A loan must not tend towards precariousness, even if the loan acceptance frontier is far from the one a bank can have. Indeed, to be financed by the CADI, you should not have access to conventional bank credit, so be excluded from the system.

What funding can we expect?

Open your ears: the financing of the CADI can go up to 10 000 euros! The financial package can be completed with a loan of honor, or aid from the region.

This money can be used to launch the business, and make it live the first months. CADI’s help is a loan with interest, which means that it will cost money, especially to finance other micro-entrepreneurs.

In case of difficulty to repay, the advisor of CADI will help you find the appropriate solutions, provided they exist. Important: you have to find someone close who gives his personal guarantee to the project, limited to 50% of the loan.

Finance your business on the Internet

Finance your business on the Internet

It is fashionable: Internet users who finance pro or cultural projects are more numerous, the success of Grégoire thanks to Mymajorcompany is the proof. Many sites now allow investment, especially on commercial projects.

If you start a startup: it’s on that it happens. You have to present the project in the start-up phase to Internet users, who can invest, sometimes for large sums. For the same thing, more playful, there is also, with many more funded projects, but less expertise.

For a search for funding, there is also masuccesstory and, the latter with the support of CADI.